Hello, my name is Augustas Novapolskas but you can call me Oddscure. Welcome to my website!

About what I do (Updated 2016-08-15):
I enjoy programming and developing games. You can find some of my projects on this and other websites.
I also create music. You can find my music on my SoundCloud page.

I hope you'll like or find my stuff interesting.

About me (Updated 2016-08-15):
I treat others the way I want to be treated. I think this says a lot about me, because I really do follow this principle. I'm loyal, I don't start conflicts, even if there's an argument, I try to stop it. I usually don't mind conceding. I used to like being alone all the time, but something has changed. I spend most if not all of my time working on stuff, but I can't get much done lately. It's because of my mood, which is bad probably because of lack of good friends. My biggest dreams right now are to become noticed and to make a living from what I love doing.

Location: Lithuania
Birth date: 1997
Status: Working on Rival Rush
Team: 2-Volt Games

An update

2-Volt Games logo

So recently I've hidden most of my (old) stuff from most websites. My reasoning is simple, I started disliking it. I was working alone on most projects, so their quality wasn't the greatest since I'm pretty bad at drawing and had some trouble with creating assets. But around 5 months ago, me and Tomás Pamplona started an indie game development team called 2-Volt Games (our website: http://2voltgames.com/). We are working on a game which will be released on Steam Greenlight, hopefully this year.