Hello, my name is Augustas Novapolskas and I'm also known as coNNecTT. Welcome to my website!

I enjoy programming and developing games. You can find some of my projects on this and other websites.

I hope you'll like or find my projects interesting.

Location: Lithuania
Age: 19
Status: Working on Rival Rush

An update

2-Volt Games logo

So recently I've hidden most of my (old) stuff from most websites. My reasoning is simple, I started disliking it. I was working alone on most projects, so their quality wasn't the greatest since I'm pretty bad at drawing and had some trouble with creating assets. But around 5 months ago, me and Tomás Pamplona started an indie game development team called 2-Volt Games (our website: http://2voltgames.com/). We are working on a game which will be released on Steam Greenlight, hopefully this year.